Lionelo Fidi Go Single Electric Breast Pump


Intuitive breast pump with massage function
Lionelo Fidi Go breast pump lets you express milk in any situation. Its operation is based on observation of a natural breastfeeding procedure. Before the actual milk expressing, massage is performed to prepare the breast for work. The breast pump has a user-friendly panel and soft universal funnel which fits most women’s nipples. Comfortable and safe
Antibacterial pads which adjust to the woman’s breast are skin-friendly and easy to clean. The bottle and milk containers are free from harmful chemical substances (BPA free). High quality is confirmed by Waltek research laboratory certificate and a life-long guarantee under Lionelo Assistance scheme. Easy use with LED display
The automatic program activates shortly after starting, switching gradually from massage to milk expressing. The information displayed on the LED screen allows you to adjust power on your own. Full range of accessories
The box contains a series of functional accessories which help you use the breast pump and store the expressed milk. The set includes a milk bottle (150 ml) with a teat, 2 milk containers, a cotton breast pump holder, a universal funnel, a funnel cover and a USB cable.

• 15 pumping functions of different intensity. Massage and pumping function: Phase I – massage mode. 5 levels of massage prepare the breast for pumping. Phase II – Pumping operation. 9 levels of suction allow you to express milk at the right pace for you.
• Light and compact: The breast pump weighs 0.5 kg and the built-in battery allows you to pump wirelessly for up to 90 minutes, which makes it possible to use it anywhere.
• Built-in battery. Light and small in size
• Universal funnel: The unique shape of the funnel adapts to most nipples, ensuring high comfort.
• Quiet work : An activated breast pump will not wake a sleeping child and will not interfere with occasional use.Includes 2 containers, bottle, USB cable, charger, cover and stand

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